Banya No1 - Hoxton

17 Micawber Street,


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Product Details

At Banya No.1 we take wellness to the next level. Based on the centuries - old wellness tradition practised in Northern Europe – a thermal cycle of hot, cold, rest and repeat, our authentic wellness experience will leave you feeling reborn.

Enjoy a 3-hour Banya session and a choice of thermal treatments with full use of the spa’s facilities, including access to a steam sauna, plunge pool, bucket showers, and a fully licensed lounge cafe with your own table in a private booth.

We will guide you through temperature extremes with our signature thermal treatment- Parenie (involving bunches of birch, oak, and eucalyptus leaves) followed by an icy-cold plunge. Scrubs, body wraps, masks and traditional massages are all performed using strictly natural ingredients.

As a part of your experience not only will you be offered refreshing thermal treatments, but also a unique culinary experience featuring traditional Nordic-inspired culinary delights and a variety of healthy and organic homemade drinks.

About the brand

We pride ourselves on being the very first traditional, authentic, banya inspired Bathhouse and Wellness Spa in London. Our heritage is rooted in age old wellness traditions, and we offer a unique and invigorating spa experience that makes you feel alive.

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