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Product Details

Relaxing Massage - A smooth, gentle, relaxing treatment - A relaxing massage uses very light techniques to release tension and stress. We offer light, calm relaxing music with a choice of different scents to settle the mood

 Sports Massage - A deep form of soft tissue work which improves range of movement - Sports massage is a deep form of soft tissue release that is used in a sporting background. Sports massage helps release soft tissue tension, relieve stiffness, prevent muscle spasm, and improve range of movement helping to improve the optimal function of the muscles. It is not limited to athletes. It helps anyone who needs soft tissue work. Sports massage is applied to help athletes achieve there peak performance and prevent further injuries as well as rehabilitation from current injuries.

Swedish Deep Tissue - Releases tension in the muscles - Swedish Deep Tissue helps releases tension in the muscle tissue and promotes relaxation.

These are either 30, 60, 90 minutes. The cost for each treatment is £25 for 30 minutes. £40 for 60 minutes. £65 for 90 minutes.


About the brand

Certified Sports Therapist

Sport and exercise is beneficial for both mental and physical health. I am passionate about supporting and encouraging others to develop an active lifestyle. 

Degree: Sports Therapy (BSC (Hons)).

Massage qualification: Level 3 sports massage qualification

Experience: Certified sports coach, circuit training instructor, spin instructor, multi skills and football coach.

I currently work freelance alongside Centurion Running Club as a Sports Therapist and run fitness classes.

I work with individuals and groups of clients from a range of Sporting backgrounds. With the majority of my clients coming from a running background. 

My previous professional experience includes working at Coleshill Town FC and Birmingham Exiles RFC as a pitch physio. 


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