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David Lloyd, Royal Crescent

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Product Details

This question keeps coming up with members at David Lloyd Cheadle recently, so an undercover investigation was launched to find out why. Through painstaking research, we have discovered these gym fans are not spending extra time pumping iron, swimming lengths, hitting balls, spinning wheels or even sipping lattes. So, what are they up to then?

It turns out that Cheshire’s supposed ‘gym fanatics’ are secretly sneaking time at Cheadle’s newest Spa, PURE Spa & Beauty, which has been cleverly camouflaged, right inside the David Lloyd leisure club in Royal Crescent, Cheadle. Our dedicated team of researchers have discovered men and women of all ages, luxuriating in this beautiful spa, day and night. They can be found treating themselves to massages, facials and a full range of beauty treatments including waxing, manicures, pedicures, tanning, lashes and brows as well as Elemis BIOTEC facials, all under the cover of ‘I’m at the gym’.

And it isn’t just David Lloyd members who are sneaking into PURE. It seems that everyone, non-members included, are completely at liberty to indulge in the same PURE Spa and Beauty treatments. PURE clients can even park in the David Lloyd carpark, behind the boom-gate, for free. Where will this end?

Further investigation has revealed that PURE Spa & Beauty positively encourage the good people of Cheshire and surrounds to frequent their spa by making booking easy online, through their app, by phone and even by web chat. It seems many first-time visitors simply walked in innocently for their first treatment, but having become hooked, they now premeditate their appointments well in advance, to avoid potential disappointment.

About the brand

PURE Spa & Beauty’s philosophy is simple — to combine essential spa and beauty treatments for time-starved individuals. Open late throughout the week in urban locations, our expert therapists are there for our clients even after their longest days!

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