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Product Details

Treatments are tailored to your skin type and needs in order to maintain your skin healthy and rejuvenated, naturally.

Each treatment includes a skin analysis and a personalised home care regimen will be provided.

Services: Face massage:

- Facial sculpting massage 90 mins, £120 Facial treatments:

- Meder facials 90 mins, £120

- Bespoke facial 60 mins, £90

- LED light facial 45 mins, £50

- Signature facial 2 hours, £180

Signature facial: More than just a facial, this bespoke treatment combines Claudia’s unique sculpting massage methods with non-invasive technology including LED light therapy, galvanic and targeted skincare. For a more radiant, lifted and refreshed look.

About the brand

Holistic and bespoke facial therapies Treatments combine hands-on techniques with high-tech devices and science-based products, including specialised face sculpting massage techniques, LED light and galvanic therapy.

Claudia focuses on:

- Slowing down the ageing process naturally

- Improving the quality, appearance and health of your skin on the long term

- Promoting a deep state of relaxation

- Releasing stress related symptoms such as TMJ disorder (jaw pain), face and neck tension, headaches

- Addressing major skin concerns such as acne, rosacea, ageing signs, dehydration, facial puffiness

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