AromaTherapy Shed Natural Sleep Bag - Midnight Black


AromaTherapy Shed

Natural Sleep Bag Contains: 1x Sleep Pillow Mist(100ml), 1x Relax Massage and Body Oil (200ml), 1x Sleep Diffuser Essential Oil Blend (10ml), 1x This is Silk anti aging silk sleep mask (Black), 1 x Sleep Music Download, 1x Organic Cotton Gift Bag

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Product Details

Aromatherapy Shed create 100% natural products that work. Our Natural Sleep Bag contains all the essentials to aid a restful nights sleep and allow the user to wake refreshed and looking more youthful. Focusing on sleep and rest (which is in short supply for most of us!) the bag contains our best-selling sleep aid products presented in a beautiful organic cotton Aromatherapy shed bag.

Pillow Mist- Aromatherapy Shed has created this divine smelling, vegan and 100% natural sleep Nursery Spray and Pillow Mist was blended from 100% pure premium essential oils by our expert aromatherapist. This light spritz has been created for use in the bedroom to create an atmosphere of calm and peace to aid sleep. This product is 100% safe to use in the same room as the baby (and can be used in baby's nursery too). Natural Massage and Body Oil Relax and unwind with AromaTherapy Shed’s Blend #17. This therapeutic massage oil has notes of spice, flower and citrus and is based on a unique, bee-friendly blend of English seed oils, produced in the Lincolnshire countryside.

Sleep Blend Diffuser Oil- A sleepy blend of 100% pure and natural essential oils for use in a diffuser. This unique blend created by our expert aromatherapist creates an atmosphere of calm and peace, encouraging a gentle, natural sleep for adults and babies.

This is Silk luxurious Silk Sleep Mask (Black)- Our Pure Mulberry Silk Eye Mask in 22 momme Silk has pure Silk on both sides and is filled with divinely soft Mulberry Silk floss. With Two adjustable Velvet straps for a personalised fit, this eye mask provides the most comfort through the night. The Midnight Black is a classic black, always perfect. Silk is known for its anti-ageing properties and the new Mommas Eye Masks are larger than usual to ensure your delicate eye area is covered and protected, and to block out as much light as possible. The Silk does not absorb eye creams like cotton does, so your overnight eye creams work harder for you and stay in place.

Pure 22 momme Mulberry Silk on both sides- pure silk filling Silk is anti-aging, it is a beautiful shape of eye mask, the larger size covers your delicate eye area, larger size blocks out more light and promotes deeper sleep. Two adjustable Velvet straps for perfect fit- one size fits all Handmade by Silk specialists

This comes in a beautiful box, the perfect gift for yourself and for others. The ideal gift for new mums, mums to be, Aunties and Grandmother/Nanny, Sister and Daughter presents. It also makes ideal baby gender reveal gifts, push present, female birthday present and more..

About the brand

At AromaTherapy Shed we believe that when we reconnect with the natural world, it benefits us all. People and planet.

Emma is a qualified aromatherapist, massage therapist and botanical perfumer. She has over 25 year experience sourcing essential oils from all over the world, working with farmers and producers to ensure the quality of the oils. Emma formulates therapeutic blends for some of the worlds leading spa brands, using her expert knowledge to create bespoke, complex and world class fragrance. Emma is also the founder of Tiddley Pom Natural Baby Spa, an award winning range of skin care, music and massage for parent and baby.


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