hungarymud Face Mask


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Do you want a brighter, tighter complexion in 15 minutes?
An at-home beauty ritual?
Using an organic product from a sustainable source?
No chemicals or harm to the planet?
With a soft, silky consistency?
Then, hungarymud is the face mask for you.

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Product Details

This mud's mineral-rich consistency stimulates blood flow and draws toxins from the skin leaving your face naturally plump and glowing. It's so healing that it's medically certified in Hungary, where it's been used in the traditional spas of Budapest for the last 200 years.

hungarymud is sun-dried and milled so comes to you in it's all-natural, finest-powder state. Just add warm water, blend into a velvety paste and smooth it over your face. Relax!

You know this product is potent because after 15 minutes you will feel your blood pumping in your cheeks. The mud will dry and harden: it's time to wash it off with water.

You'll be mesmerised by the results ... dare we say, Botox-the-natural-way! See for yourself. If your face turns a little red, don't worry, this will subside in a minute or so. It's a sign that it really has boosted the blood flow in your skin. And remember: with absolutely no chemicals.

Each 200g pack will give you 20 face masks. Instructions for using it are on the packet. Enjoy it, play with it. Everybody loves it.

About the brand

Sophie Benge is a menopausal woman with a long career in wellness. For the last four years, she has invited doctors, nutritionists and practitioners in exercise and the womanly arts to my Ageing Gracefully retreats and workshops for menopausal women. So she can give you a 101 of understanding, suggestions and actionable steps to take.


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