Sweet Dreams Pillow and Room Mist


Clarity Blend

Sweet Dreams pillow and room mist is our soothing blend for a restful night's sleep with lavender, chamomile and ylang-ylang.

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Product Details

Ah, the restorative power of a good night’s sleep! With the constant push and pull of everyday life, it’s not always easy to switch off, but our Sweet Dreams range will calm a busy mind and help you drift off. The tranquil pillow & room mist of lavender, chamomile and petitgrain holds the key to a restful night, leaving you feeling refreshed and restored. Admit it – you feel more rested already.

About the brand

At Clarity Blend, our mission is to make aromatherapy accessible so that everyone can enjoy its benefits. We make natural and vibrant blends to help you clear your mind, boost your energy or uplift your mood!

All our products are fully hand-blended by us in our Wokingham, Berkshire workshop. By nature of our products, most of the essentials oils we use are not natively grown in the UK so we source them from across the world using reputable suppliers. We sample many oils and raw ingredients before choosing a supplier and vigorously research the origins of the oil and the plants to ensure the vibrancy and therapeutic quality of the oils. We do not use essential oils from endangered or vulnerable plant species, such as sandalwood or rosewood. In terms of production process, we strictly follow the practices outlined in the Good Manufacturing Guide and all our formulations are certified and safety approved. 

Sustainability is another core value of ours. We are passionate about minimising and eventually eliminating the use of any form of plastic from our products. We use glass product containers and bamboo and rubber-capped glass pipettes for our body & bath, roll-on, and pure blend bottles and we use metal (as opposed to plastic) roller balls in our pulse point roll-ons. All our hampers and delivery boxes use kraft boxes combined with a fully recyclable filling or biodegradable peanut pellets. We are constantly looking at options to further improve our environmental impact.


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