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Boost your wellbeing and build resilience by cultivating mindful awareness in everyday life through my 8 week Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy for Life (MBCT-L) course.

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Product Details

This LIVE online course is for you if you're often stressed, overwhelmed, uncontent, and exhausted with the busyness of modern-day life. Perhaps you find yourself frequently feeling anxious and worrying about the future. Or maybe you keep getting caught up in self-sabotage and ruminating about the past.

If you feel like you're a swan - appearing calm and controlled on the surface but paddling furiously under the waterline just to stay afloat - and you'd love for things to be different, then you've come to the right place. This course will help you flourish and thrive.


Recognise patterns of negative thinking, worry and self-criticism that create stress, as well as how to interrupt these processes and make wiser choices in the face of emotional struggles.

Develop practical self-care strategies to help you thrive, perform at your best, and flourish.

Cultivate the full range of positive emotions such as happiness, and boost positive psychological states such as contentment and optimism.

Build resilience and know how to best take care of yourself when feeling anxious, low or stressed.

Respond rather than react to stressors, so you're better able to pause in challenging situations and regulate your emotions.

Understand what nourishes you and what depletes you so you can create a more balanced and fulfilled life.


  • Bring balance and meaning back into your life and find more inner peace
  • Stop self-criticism and start being kind and compassionate towards yourself
  • Feel more gratitude, contentment and appreciation in your daily life
  • Break bad habits and stop falling into the same old vicious cycles
  • Feel calmer and more resilient in the face of emotional struggles
  • Create a mindful self-care routine that you actually stick to


We'll meet together as a group every Monday 7-9pm for 8 consecutive weeks live on Zoom.

At the start of the course you'll receive your course handbook, which contains detailed summaries of each session along with the home practices and a space to log and reflect on these.

Your home practices will include up to 30 minutes of daily meditation, and you'll receive recordings for each and every one of these guided meditations that you can easily listen to on your phone or laptop.


- A safe space to explore the patterns of your mind and behaviour with a Mindfulness Teacher that also has a decade of experience as a Senior Cognitive Behavioural Therapist.

- My full support during the sessions for 2 hours each week, along with email support in between sessions if needed.

- The opportunity to take part in an evidence based course backed by research, with outcomes so good that MBCT courses are actually endorsed by the NHS.

- A comprehensive 100 page workbook designed specifically for the course that you can keep forever and refer back to whenever your wellbeing needs a little boost.

- A real sense of connection and community as you undertake the course with a lovely group of people who are most likely feeling similar to you.

- Access to guided meditation recordings designed specifically for the course that you can continue to listen to after the course has finished.


  • Increase your self-awareness
  • Help you feel calmer
  • Teach you how to respond to thoughts & feelings
  • Help you be kinder to yourself
  • Improve your memory
  • Boost your focus & attention span
  • Improve your relationships
  • Help you manage pain & illness better
  • Improve your sleep
  • Boost your creativity
  • Help you cope better with difficult & unhelpful thoughts
  • Relieve anxiety
  • Lift & prevent low mood
  • Stop bad habits in their tracks
  • Reduce your stress levels


“It is an absolutely amazing course which I would strongly recommend to anyone experiencing stress, anxiety or depression”

“To truly put into words how this course has benefited me is impossible”

"Natalie is so talented at what she does. As a business owner, I'm often consumed with work and anxiety, but thanks to this wonderful course I'm now more aware and better able to deal with these feelings. I'd recommend Natalie in a heartbeat, she's so knowledgeable, calming and supportive."

"It’s a course worth investing in for anyone who wants to get to know themselves better and increase self-awareness and compassion."

"I definitely got a lot out of attending the course and would recommend it to others."

“I highly recommend taking advantage of Natalie's wealth of knowledge and skills.”


Are the sessions live and will they be recorded?
Yes the sessions are live on Zoom, and they are recorded just for the purposes of catching up if you unexpectedly miss a session

Do I need any equipment? 
Just Zoom on your laptop with a mic and camera so we can see and hear each other.

Is it ok if I've never practiced mindfulness before?
Of course, no prior mindfulness experience is required.

What if I'm not 100% comfortable speaking in groups?
I invite all participants to share their experiences of the meditations and home practices, but don't worry as there's no pressure to share in the group if you don't want to.

Will the course treat my anxiety and depression?
This course is not therapy, and it is not intended to treat any specific mental health problems. If you are experiencing severe symptoms of anxiety and depression and/or wanting treatment for these problems then please speak to your GP or book a therapy appointment with me instead.

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About the brand

Hi, I'm Natalie, I'm an award winning Senior Cognitive Behavioural Therapist and Mindfulness Teacher, and I help modern women overcome perfectionism, low self-esteem and anxiety. I'm known as @the.perfectionism.therapist on Instagram because as a recovering perfectionist myself I know exactly what it takes to shift from burnout to balance.

I'm BABCP Accredited with over 11 years experience, and I work in the NHS as Deputy Clinical Lead for a mental health service, and I also have my own private practice where I offer online 1:1 CBT therapy, mindfulness courses, wellbeing workshops, media appearances and consultancy work for brands.


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