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52 luxe affirmations cards designed to support your self love journey

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Product Details

52 luxe affirmations cards designed to support your self love journey

To inspire you to love and accept yourself more and more each day

To anchor in a kinder, more compassionate inner voice

To give yourself moments to connect to your innate power

To empower a positive change within, that will reflect in the world around you

To be that gentle reminder of how loved worthy and enough you are

Benefits of using affirmations daily

“I AM are two of the most powerful words. For what you put after them shapes your reality”

Positive Affirmations give your mind an alternative narrative, they help to

Reframe negative thoughts into positive more empowering ones Shift out of self doubt and self judgement into self belief and self compassion Re programme and release limiting beliefs so you can rewrite your new positive story Build confidence + self-esteem in who you are, why you are here and your ability to create Anchor in a more positive empowering inner voice and mindset Connect to the love + power within, therefore raising your energetic vibration Interrupt the pattern of thinking - allowing you to lean into the positive and prevent spiralling into the negative Open up and see all the infinite possibilities life has to offer Pave the way for you to create life that life you desire

Ways to use your I AM affirmation cards

•INTUITIVELY CHOOSE Each day, feel into the cards, allow yourself to be guided to pick one, trust that the right affirmation for you and repeat it through out the day. Let it really sink into your body and mind.

•DISPLAY your chosen card somewhere so you will see it, so it can stay front of mind throughout the day. By your mirror, on your desk or on your vision board. Come back the words whenever you need. Repetition creates long term change.

•GENTLE REMINDERS Keep the packet of cards close and choose one as a boost of self love in moments of self doubt and judgement.

•ON THE GO Carry one or two cards with you in your diary or book as a reminder to speak kinder to yourself.

• REFRAME When you need to drown out that inner critic, pick a card and repeat the affirmation to yourself enough times so it becomes a new truth. Feel the freedom that comes with this new belief.

•SELF REFLECTION When you have a few quiet moments read through a few. Which ones are you drawn to? Perhaps journal on how it relates to you where you're at right now? What are you needing to take or learn from this?

•MANTRA Use your chosen affirmation card to use as your mantra to repeat in a mediation session. Whisper it gently, allowing it to really sink in, truly embody the words. This is a powerful way to really embed your affirmation into your subconscious.

•FOR INSPIRATION For those times you seek strength, clarity or inspiration, choose a card and trust that the affirmation you need will be given to you.

•GIFT Add them as a note to a gift you're giving someone you love and know it would be a perfect message for them

•WRITE Choose a card and write the chosen affirmation as many times as feels right. Build this as your new truth. Continue journaling on what comes up.

•FOR GUIDANCE In moments of indecision or times you are questioning yourself, ask what affirmation will most help me right now? Be open to the message that comes when repeating the affirmation.

Product info Size 120mm x 70mm 350gsm recycled card In luxe box with gold foiling

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