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Give Yourself Kindness

What if every day you could feel empowered, supported, uplifted and comforted?

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Product Details

Imagine a tool when anytime, anywhere, you can quickly harness the power of positive self-talk to disrupt negative thought patterns, calm and uplift your mind, and find strength in self-kindness. Designed to ignite your inner calm, nurture emotional resilience, and make a massive positive impact on your wellbeing, make daily affirmations a supportive and transformative tool that are widely used to make a massive positive impact on your wellbeing. Find 20 affirmation cards including: ~ I can't be perfect and I don't need to be. ~ My voice matters. My opinions matter. I matter. ~ I release the pressure to make the perfect decision, knowing that a perfect decision doesn't exist.

About the brand

I have a self-compassion & emotional agility based guided journal and affirmation cards. The products are passionate to support and calm the mind and share science backed tools based around self-compassion and creating a safe space to be curious of our thoughts and emotions without judgement.


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