Noubalm Heavenly Healing Balm



Heavenly Healing Balm is a multi-action balm made from a beeswax base that forms as a solid oil. It specifically targets any redness which arises on the skin.

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Product Details

From acne to rosacea to psoriasis to burns, this balm is for you! It soothes, hydrates, nourishes and repairs the skin within minutes.

The skin will become noticeably clear and so radiant with any skin condition you may have, visibly reduced. 60ml and suitable for all skin types. Vegan friendly. 

About the brand

Pure Simple Healing. Offering chemical free, natural skincare products with powerful affects. Blended with rich high quality essential oils, the unique combinations work in at delivering results against skin concern as well as uplifting and providing mental well being support.


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